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Our main goal here at All Scale Rails is to preserve and inspire.  We hope to bring you high quality articles on model railroading with a spritz of actual railroads and industries associated with railroads.  But we understand that there is so much more than just the models and the toys: it’s the people behind it all that makes it fun and gives the hobby character and dimension.

Our magazine was founded in 2015 and we have chosen a digital publication and download format to be able to provide our readers with as many photos and as much content as possible without the restrictions that print magazines struggle with.  It is our hope that with each issue you find something that teaches or inspires you to begin or continue a lifetime of interest in model railroading.

Meet the Staff
Bonnie Domrois
Editor / Writer

Bonnie was introduced to model railroading a bit late in life, but that hasn’t stopped her from embracing it with both hands.  She and her husband Kevin have a mutual love of the hobby (although, perhaps not of the same scale).  She models primarily in Z and N scale.  Her favorite types of trains are electric and include any form of traction, interurbans, and trolleys.

A freelance writer, Bonnie has written articles for magazines like Ztrack and O Scale Magazine and industry trade magazine Model Retailer.  She worked for over a decade for the largest hobby shop in the state enabling her to learn about the various aspects of the hobby.

Kevin Domrois
Publisher / Photographer

Kevin first got into model railroading when he was little by playing with his dad’s Lionel trains at his grandfather’s house.  He and his father then built an HO layout that kept growing and being redone to look better and better until it was time for him to move out of his parent’s house. Unfortunately it didn't move well.  This was around the time he first encountered Z scale.  Small and portable, Z scale appealed to him but he didn’t pursue it.  Then one day his wife Bonnie introduced him to someone she knew who had some Z scale for sale.  She encouraged him to purchase it or at least some N scale (she prefers N scale).  He bought the Z scale and once again pursued his love of model railroading.  Having a small scale fits nicely into their home and their lives, however, there are still some kits that are necessary to own no matter what the scale.

Kevin has been an avid modeler as well as a manufacturer for the model railroading industry and as such has seen all aspects of the hobby.  He has seen it go from the basement to train shows all over the state and has watched it flourish online and amongst the growing online community of modelers.  Watching informational sites come and go and print going more and more digital, he and Bonnie decided it was the perfect time to combine the two.

You can see our layout in:
All Scale Rails Issue#3 July/Aug 2015
Domrois Z Scale Layout
You can see a video of our layout here:
Main Station Module Domrois Z Scale Modular Layout
Our Layout in Walthers 2020 Catalog (Main Station & Viaduct module)


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