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Article Submission Guidelines
We are always looking for articles on: Home Layouts, Model Railroad Clubs , How-To, Railroad Related Companies, etc. If you have an idea contact us.

If you're interested in contributing to All Scale Rails please review these guidelines. Before you submit any article, please write us a short letter (Query) and either snail mail or email your inquiry describing what you want to do. We can then tell you if it fits our needs; this may save you from working on something we won't be able to use.

We publish articles on all aspects of model railroading and on prototype (real) railroading as a subject for modeling. Make sure you include your name, address, phone number and email address so we can reach you back.

Our Address:
All Scale Rails
N1510 State Road 32
Oostburg, WI 53070
Our Email:

Present your subject simply and directly in plain English.  Keep it brief.  Being digital we are able present a lot of photos and drawings.  If you are writing about a how-to project, first introduce the project, then start with the first step, and work your way towards the end.  It is important that you don't jump around. If you are submitting a story about your layout, please introduce the layout and its concept, and then describe interesting aspects of its bench work, roadbed, track, wiring, scenery, structures, trains, and operation.

We prefer text in Microsoft Word (.doc). Please burn your text file or files to a CD and mail the CD to us. You must also include a paper printout of the text. You can email the Query and manuscript but the photos are not able to be received through email so other arrangements must be made (snail mail on CD or email zip file).

You may be asked to submit proof of research in regards to your article.


We prefer digital photos but will accept 35 mm slides. You will need a camera that can produce  high quality JPEG format images when sized to 300 dots per inch are 8 by 10 inches or 2400 x 1600 pixels minimum or larger.

The next best capture setting is the highest-quality JPEG or TIFF.

Digital photos should be sent on a CD, DVD, or flash drive with a paper printout of each shot. Be sure to label the disk (or flash drive) with your name and title of the article.

Be sure to include a caption for every photo. Step-by-step photos should be in color.  The captions can be included at the end of your text story. Be sure to label the photos and captions so we are able to match them up correctly.

Image files should not be corrected or manipulated for color, sharpness, size, cropping, or color mode unless you know what you are doing – and even then we prefer to have an image that has been only been resized (and nothing else) as our starting point. Please label image files that have been altered for content or aesthetics as "altered images".

If you feel you need to place your photos within a text document to better present your story, please also send us your photos and text separately as individual files since we ultimately will need them as separate files.

Drawings & Plans:

Clean, neat pencil drawings are fine for how-to illustrations, electrical schematics, track plans, and maps. Track plans should be drawn to a scale and curves and turnouts must be accurately depicted.

Plans should be scanned following the resolution as the photos

Contributing Editor:

A contributing editor gets regular writing assignments from us, participates in web-based discussions, and gets their name on our magazine masthead as a contributing editor in each issue, whether or not they actually contributed anything to that specific issue.

If you are interested in writing for All Scale Rails as a contributing editor, we would love to see your résumé and some samples of your work.

We are highly selective.

Above all, we are looking for authors who exhibit exceptional writing and research ability.  Accuracy in all facts is crucial. 

Potential contributing editors should also be able to:
1) Understand complex subjects and break them down for a general audience.
2) Contribute entirely original, previously unpublished work
3) Finish assignments in a timely manner (no more than 6 weeks from assignment to completion).
4) Adapt to the All Scale Rails magazine voice and article structure.
5) Have several years of experience in model railroading, diorama, or real life railroading.

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