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When planning your budget, please remember that All Scale Rails, being an internet based magazine, has the ability to send customers right to your website via hyperlink.  Most of our readers view us online from tablets and computers and with a click of a mouse they could be on your site!  In addition, when readers download our publication for later viewing those same links remain active and will open a browser to come to your site.  Because we are a free publication, many viewers visit us frequently to check on articles they haven’t read yet or check out back issues.

All Scale Rails
N1510 Sate Road 32
Oostburg, WI 53070
All Scale Rails
Retail advertising rate sheet and sizes.
All rates are quoted at net prices and on the advertiser supplying press-ready files. Prices are shown for color ads.
Prices below are per issue listing and are discounted when contracting ads for multiple issues.
Size H
Full Page
Size G
1/2 Page Horizontal
Size F
1/2 Page Vertical
Size E
1/4 Page Horizontal
Size D
1/4 Page Vertical
Size C
1/5 Page Square
Size B
1/6 Page Vertical
Size A
1/8 Page Horizontal
Non-Profit Advertising
Any non-profit showing us proof (copy of 501 form) will get 50% off pricing. We will require a copy of their 501 form for our records.
This discount does not apply to the building of ads prices.
Rates Sizes & More Info
Click on the link below to see actual sizes of ads
and to get more detailed info of what we offer.
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