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There has been some confusion and concern why we havent published a new issue recently.
We ran into some technical issues with new software and then ended up with a family emergency that took up a lot of our time. We are sorry about that.
We will have a new issue out some time late Winter or early Spring 2019.
Unfortunately, we had a problem with our email list as well.
The third party company we used likes to change the way the software works. This caused the names and emails to not be properly backed up and caused us to lose roughly 2400 out of 8600 names on the active list. This company refused to help us out so we were unable to recover the lost names and because of this we are looking into different options.
We are encouraging you to send us an email so that we can manually add you to the list to make sure you will still get notified when we get a new program up. You can use the subscribe button to take you to a web page that we have set up for this purpose.
We are also planning some ebooks and some print books as well due out sometime in 2019.

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